Wildlife Safari Weekend

Featuring Brad Orsted and Carolyn Lyons

Join ERR member, Carolyn, along with Brad Orsted, part of the VisionHawk Films crew, on this exhilarating weekend! You'll have the chance to experience the following, among other opportunities:

  • Visit the Montana Grizzly Encounter that Casey founded and learn about these majestic creatures
  • Enjoy tales from the wilds of Montana
  • View ancient Native American relics atop Antelope Butte while learning about the surrounding flora and fauna
  • Travel to nearby Ghost Ranch where resident mountain lion, Mama Moe, keeps her pray

After your daily trek in the wilds of Montana, be treated to hearty meals, nightly wine receptions and a stay at The Lodge at Erik’s Ranch. Book your exclusive Wildlife Safari now!


April 13

1:00 - 6:00 PM
Arrive at Erik's Ranch
Property tour upon arrival

5:15 PM
Wine Reception

6:00 PM

April 14

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
2-3 Activities (listed below)

5:15 PM
Wine Reception

6:00 PM

April 15

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
2-3 Activities (listed below)

5:15 PM
Wine Reception

6:00 PM

April 16

9:00 AM

11:00 AM

Other Activities May Include


Property Tour
On this one-hour walking tour and introduction to the vision behind our mission led by an Erik’s Ranch & Retreats member, you will be regaled with the physical history of our property, as well as learn about the natural wonders, wildlife, topography and Native American history that has informed our surroundings that we respectfully honor.


Infrared Scouting
Utilize military grade thermal vision (FLIR) to observe nocturnal animals as they come to life around the ranch at night when they believe they can’t be seen. Some predators and scavengers only visit a carcass or kill at night when they are sure no one can see them…except us!


CSI at Ghost Ranch
CSI or Carcass Scene Investigations – Become a wildlife detective and break down the clues of a carcass to see why this animal was a victim and who the perpetrator may have been. Find out who benefits from a kill and help set up Reconyx cameras to see if our theories are correct.


Horseback Riding on Antelope Butte
Saddle up for a true Western adventure! Ascend gentle switchbacks with gorgeous snow-capped views of the Absaroka Mountains surrounding you. Formed of volcanic rock over 60 million years ago, Antelope Butte is home to a variety of wildlife and once home to the Crow Native Americans. Perfect photo ops at the summit with Emigrant Peak towering at an elevation of 10,915 ft. in the distance!


Hiking Antelope Butte and Native American Relics
Originally home to the Crow, observe where Native Americans quarried churt and jasper to make arrowheads and spear points on this invigorating hike. Look for teepee rings and other remnants of their existence and culture including ancient Eagle Traps. Legend has it that high up on Antelope Butte there are remains of dugouts in the ground in the shape of a rectangle. During ceremonial times, Crow Chiefs would lay in the dugouts with a rabbit attached to a stick. They would then raise the stick up out of the dugout and wait for an eagle to fly overhead. The eagle would swoop down to get the rabbit and the chiefs would grab the eagle by its feet, slash its neck and use its feather on their headpieces as a mark of bravery. Experience the excitement for yourself!


Camera Site – Cats! Eagles! Bears!
Embark on an intimate wildlife encounter with famed naturalist and former backcountry guide Casey Anderson (aka “Grizzly Guy) at the helm. Casey is the Creative Director and Executive Producer of Nat Geo’s “America the Wild” and “Expedition Wild.” Both shows have won the Parents’ Choice Awards for their educational and informative content. Because of our remote location, you may have the unique opportunity to encounter a wide variety wildlife during your tour, including:

  • Wolf, Mountain Lion, Bears (Black, Cinnamon and potentially Grizzly)
  • Coyote, Elk, Deer, Ermine, Bobcat, Golden Eagles
  • Sharp-Shinned Hawk, Rough-Legged Hawk,Red-Tailed Hawk
  • Northern Harrier, Skunk, Great-Horned Owl
  • Bohemian and Cedar Waxwings, Badger, Fox

On this tour, Help set motion sensor (Reconyx) cameras to observe animals moving around the ranch. This will help in identifying tracks and aging them.