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“What a stunning experience! Not a single other house is visible - it's just you and the mountains.” - Jenna, Chicago, Ill.

May 18, 2016


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 12.14.45 PMWell-traveled, well-read and a friend to all, Sam’s myriad interests and passions are inspiring. A native Minnesotan, and our veteran member, Sam is currently enrolled at Normandale Community College where he is studying geology. A budding naturalist and geologist, his favorite rock is pegmatite. He enjoys biking, roller blading, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, mountain climbing and nature. He loves all animals, especially his 11-year-old yellow lab, Tori. Sam is a World War II history buff and had the incredible opportunity to travel to Normandy with his family. Sam also boasts the largest and only coin collection at Erik’s Retreat – 4,000 pennies dating back to 1941! Sam’s kindness and generosity toward all – whether animate or inanimate - are sure to please!

Erik's Minnesota Adventures Presents Sam's WWII Tour

Sam’s enthusiasm for history will take you back to an era that, as FDR coined, “Will live in infamy.” The Commemorative Air Force Minnesota Wing in St. Paul is where you’ll be welcome to. Climb into one or all six aircraft (including a replica of the Miss Mitchell, a B-25 bomber), take a ride in one of the WWII motor pool fleet vehicles and view a unique collection of World War II artifacts on display. Coupled with an up-close and personal view of military aircraft, museum display cases and motor pool vehicles, Sam will ply your inner historian with little-known or well-known facts about this infamous war. If it’s a clear day you might just also get to watch a historic airplane take wing. If that isn’t enough, for a separate fee, the museum offers flights in their aircraft for a one of a kind and surreal experience.
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Erik's Minnesota Adventures Presents Sam’s Lake Calhoun Water Sports Tour

Cool off at Minneapolis’ largest and most popular lake canoeing, kayaking, pedal boating or paddle boarding! Just a little over three miles in circumference, this idyllic lake boasts biking and pedestrian trails and a picturesque lagoon that channels into Lake of the Isles. A favorite outing among our members, enjoy as Sam shares his passion for water sports with you! Be sure to pack sunscreen and a water bottle.
*Sam's Lake Calhoun Tour will resume Summer 2017* 
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