Erik's Retreat

Located in Edina, Minnesota, Erik’s Retreat offers adults with autism a home in a safe supported environment and working opportunities based on their skills and abilities. Adults with autism who choose to become members at the retreat receive a lifetime home and engaging working opportunities. In addition, Erik’s Retreat is ideally situated for easy access to all that Minneapolis and St. Paul have to offer.

A Home for Adults with Autism

Your membership at Erik’s Retreat means living a life you design. A membership offers more than just a roof over your head. It’s a home and work place that lets you build on your strengths and abilities. We help you use your talents as well as expand and explore new skills and opportunities.

Erik’s Retreat is not only a home; it is guest accommodations run by the members with autism who live there. Ultimately, Erik’s Retreat members will find a home and career that is rewarding and challenging, plus recreation and activities on par with the choices the rest of us take for granted.

Working Opportunities for Adults with Autism

At Erik's Retreat, we recognize how to engage your talents and skills to create careers that are personally rewarding. We offer gratifying on-site jobs for residents related to serving guests who stay at the retreat:

  • · Artist/musician in residence

  • · Building, grounds or pool maintenance

  • · Equestrian groom

  • · Event planner

  • · Historian

  • · Horticulturist/gardener

  • · Personal concierge

  • · Recreation coordinator

  • · Chef/sous chef

  • · Tour guide

Specialty Jobs

Erik's Minnesota Adventures is our tour guide company. Members who choose to become tour guides will lead visitors and guests on outings related to sports, the arts, history and more. Activities may be as diverse as taking guests to Canterbury Park for a behind-the-scenes visit to the racetrack, or access to a private art collection. The ultimate goal is to build skills and continued independence, while helping members learn to the best of their ability.


Minneapolis and St. Paul offer professional theater productions, top-notch art exhibits, and world-renowned St. Paul and Minneapolis Orchestras – to name a few. But, this area also boasts hundreds of lakes with breathtaking views and a variety of water activities and winter sports. Members and visitors will be able to enjoy leisure activities and special events available at our urban retreat and in the surrounding area, including:

· Biking

· Boating/Canoeing/Kayaking

· Fishing

· Gardening

· Gourmet Dining/Cooking

· Hiking

· Horseback Riding

· Opera

· Massage

· Music/Theater/Comedy

· Physical/Media Arts

· Shopping (close proximity to Mall of America)

· Skiing

· Swimming


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