Erik's Ranch & Retreats - an innovative solution to the autism epidemic

Independent Living; Real Jobs

A life of possibility for adults with autism

At Erik’s Ranch & Retreats, we’re solving a large and growing problem – in a way that’s never been done before. We’re addressing the surge of individuals with autism entering adulthood by providing an inviting place to live and work that offers independence, structure and careers where few were available before.

Membership at Erik's Ranch & Retreats

Adults with autism who wish to explore independent living and career opportunities can apply for a membership at Erik's Ranch in Montana or Erik's Retreat in Minnesota. A membership at Erik’s Ranch & Retreats opens the door to helping create a life that is meaningful. A membership offers more than just a roof overhead, it offers a life of possibility. Erik's Ranch & Retreats is a living and working environment where we take into account individuals’ strengths and abilities. We help members use their abilities and talents as well as expand and explore new skills and opportunities.

What sets us apart is that these destinations are run by the individuals who live there; in desirable locations. Our members live, learn, work and excel, using their personal abilities to help us operate Erik’s Retreat in urban Edina, Minnesota.

At Erik’s Ranch, near scenic Bozeman, Montana, we currently offer respite opportunities for families affected by autism, as well as voluntourists and business travelers. Ultimately, members will assist in operating this destination as well.

The Need

It’s clear that a tidal wave of young people with autism’s complex needs is moving toward adulthood. Some will be able to direct their own life decisions, but many will never be able to live alone. As a society, we are largely unprepared for this surge. Who will support them and how?

Previous Outlook for Individuals with Autism:
  • Living: with parents or group homes
  • Work and recreation: inadequate, monotonous or meaningless (watching TV, sorting, collating)
  • Community: mostly immediate family, counselors and therapists
Current Outlook with Erik's Ranch & Retreats:
  • Independent living
  • A supported environment
  • Joy and rewarding work in areas that draw from
    your expertise and passion
  • Lifelong learning
  • Social experiences that create lasting friendships and meaningful community

Edina Promenade Carriage Tour

Erik's Ranch & Retreats, in partnership with Think Mutual Bank, is excited to offer horse drawn carriage rides tours on the Edina Promenade. Reserve your time now!

Sun Current Announces Erik's Retreat Opening

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GameON Autism Youth Golf Clinic

Erik’s Ranch & Retreats has been chosen as a partner in the 2014 Els for Autism Golf Challenge tournament. Our members and riding students are participating in the clinic being held at Hazeltine Golf Course on August 25. Watch for photos!

Erik's Retreat on KARE 11

Kathryn and Diana Pierce discuss the opening of Erik's Retreat in Minnesota.

TJ Featured in Star Tribune

Recently returned from his art opening in California, TJ. an Erik's Minnesota Adventures tour guide was featured in this article Rosenblum article.

Donate today and your gift is doubled!

Two individuals have offered a total of $20,000 in matching grants to begin building a second guesthouse in Montana. Donate today and double your investment in a life of promise for adults with autism.